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Apex Relocation is one of the few professional and efficient relocation companies in Korea. Our staff has extensive experience in all the aspects of the relocation process and thereby able to help you settle-in as smoothly as possible.

We have expanded our cross-cultural program to include all the information an expatriate will need to truly ˇ°Discover Korea and Korean people.ˇ± Our program covers the business side, including business entertainment, day-to-day living information, cultural differences/similarities, Korean history and much more.

Our program is continually updated with information and feedback from expatriates as well as Korean professionals. We do this to ensure all information covered is up to date, vital and useful. Our cross-cultural orientation is a must for the expatriate doing business in Korea. We know that knowledge is more than power. Knowledge equals success!

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Phone : 82-2-798-5475 Emergency : 82-10-9957-3501 relo@apexrelo.com