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This program is designed for the well seasoned assignee that has lived abroad several times and is familiar with settling-into a new host country.

Major Elements : Arrangements for welcome and transfer, Information Package, Area tour, Home finding assistance

  1. Prepation prior to arrival.
  2. General Korean Housing Information package.
  3. Overview of residential areas.
  4. Accompany assignee and family to all scheduled appointments with real estate agents.
  5. View a selection of properties within budget and needs assessment guidelines.
  6. Describe major positives and negatives of each property and residential area.
  7. Lease negotiations.
  8. Inspection and inventory check.
Hillside Residence #726-111, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Phone : 82-2-798-5475 Emergency : 82-10-9957-3501 relo@apexrelo.com