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Q1.  What are the procedures for obtaining working visa for foreigners?
There are about 30 different types of visas. In order to find out the correct procedures, you need to know two things first. Who is Korean sponsor? and Which entity is hiring?
Q2. My Canadian friend is currently in Korea with a working visa, employed by a Korean company.
         Does his visa status change if he leaves the company? Is it possible to stay in Korea or does he
         renew his visa right away?
If a foreigner who is living in Korea with a working visa leaves the company, he/she must leave Korea. He/she may not renew the old visa; a new visa must be obtained if he/she wishes to work for another company.
Q3.  Can I stay in Korea without visa? How can I obtain visa in Korea if necessary?
1) Visitors who plan to stay in Korea for longer than 90 days must obtain visas before entering Korea.
2) Nationals of those countries which have visa waiver agreement with Korea can enter without visas, on the condition that they should not engage in remunerative activities during their stay in Korea.
3) Visa application should be made at Korean Embassies or consulates abroad.
4) It is required for the visa applicants to submit passport, application forms, a recent passport-style color photograph, and such other documents as determined by the status of stay.
Q4.  I am a France Citizen who has a D-8 visa status. I am going to leave Korea for temporarily visiting
         my home country. In this case, should I apply for a re-entry permit to return to Korea?
France citizens don't have to apply for a re-entry permit for temporary departure since Korea and France have made a Re-Entry Permit Waiver agreement However, you should re-enter Korea within the period of stay given.

## Registered foreigners with the following nationality are exempted from re-entry permit; Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Surinam, Chile(C-2, D-7, D-8, D-9 status) However, other nationalities need to apply re-entry visa

Q5.  Can I get part-time job in Korea? What kind of part-time job can I get?
You cannot get full-time job in Korea with tourist visa, not working visa. However, if a husband works for a company in Korea, his wife can get part-time job if she could find a proper sponsor.

There are not so many part-time jobs foreigners can get in Korea, but Korean people attach great importance to English education. So maybe it is not difficult to get English education-related jobs in Korea.Pay is so high like other full-time job.

Q6.  Will my wife be able to work?
No, a spouse with a dependant visa will not be able to work without new sponsor. This needs the immigration approval.
Q7.  Can I bring my nanny/ domestic helper?
Depends on your visa type. In Korea, only D8 visa holder (with sufficient investment in Korea) could bring their domestic helper.
Q8. Can I bring my ¡®Partner¡¯?
¡®Partner¡¯ will be required to obtain his/her own permission of stay / valid visa and cannot come into Korea as a dependant. Therefore he/she will have to secure a job with a Korean company.

If as a partner who stays in Korea as visitor, he/she cannot take any employment, establish / joint business nor become a student without the Immigration approval

Q9.  Can I bring my Common Law Wife?
Korea does not recognize ¡®common law spouse¡¯, therefore she/he will have to obtain work permit with a Korea based company. Or come on a visitor¡¯s visa for a short stay.
Q10. Can I bring my teenage children who are over 18 but still studying?
No, any child who is over 18 should obtain valid (permission of stay) visa on their own (e.g. student visa)
Q11. I have an adopted child will I be able to get a visa for them?
Yes, you can apply for a dependant visa for your adopted children as long as you could provide immigration office that you are legal parent of this child
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