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The purpose of this program is to effectively and efficiently return the assignee to his / her home country or next destination. A key benefit of the program includes the negotiation for the return of the security deposit.

Major Elements Include : Inspection and Inventory, Utility Disconnect and Return Deposit Negotiations

  • Inspection and inventory out. (where customary)
  • Furnished contents and condition.
    (note defects then sign and date inventory)
  • Property condition.
    (note defects and sign and date inventory)
  • Contact all relevant utilities and assist with cancellation and final billing.
    (includes visiting property where necessary)
  • Negotiate return of deposit and, through use of the property inventory,
    will assist in attempting to avoid any potential legal claims over the property condition.
  • Notify Post office of change of address
  • Arrange for mail forwarding service
  • Cancel club memberships
  • Arrange for disposal of any trash following he move out
  • Arrange transfer of school records
  • Arrange pick up of any remaining furniture items not being shipped
    with assignee, to local charitable or organization
  • Accompany to local relevant authorities for visa / residency cancellation if necessary
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