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1) Product Feature
Comprehensive Personal Liability provides coverage liability protection should you become legally obligated to any third party for injury, death, or property damage.
Also provides the same liability protection for members of your family and relatives living with you and persons under 21years of age in your care and resident in your household.
Covers accidents caused at home or away, by children and pets, sports accidents and those caused by a domestic employee.
2) Product Coverage and Premium
Insured Amount Premium
Main : Liability Medical payment US$100,000
Optional : Fire Legal Domestic Employee
             (According to Korean Labor Act)
             Golf Legal
US$50,000 US$50.00
Fire legal liability special cover Protects you, if you are a lessee of the house, against legal obligation to pay any loss or damage to house/property occupied, used or controlled by you due to fire.
Domestic employees accident compensation rider Protects you against any liability under Korean Labor Standard Acts if a domestic employee should sustain any personal injury by accident or disease arising in the course of their employment.
Golf liability rider The company provides indemnity for any bodily injury including death and damage to property of other persons, resulting from your actual participation in playing or practicing the golf course or golf practice range in Korea
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